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HTML5 Video Fullscreen and iframe-idea are in favor of the website development, like that
never you can have seen before. Instead now is pure actuality thanks to the work of MY LIFE FACTORY!
We are proud to have reached an almost all Italian milestone throught this configuration without external
plugins neither other applications than the browser and its libraries. Fast speed in reproduction and little
overloading of servers, are only the most obvious characteristics, but imagine a streaming live fullscreen
HTML5 website and to interact without ever interrupting the flow of information? Boys, the show is coming !!


~ 1ª Fase: Web designers and web editioners
~ 2ª Fase: We offers services to companies national and international, to a real-time support them in their
presence and online communications. MLf proposes the creation of services such as Web sites,
the development of vertical community, SEO, campaign management and keyword advertising on search
engines, as well as advertising campaigns on major social media channels.
~ 3ª Fase: Multimedia Video Production, editing and publishing online video, corporate communication, storytelling,
making movies for special events of which you want to keep an indelible memory in time.
Shooting in HD, sequences, special effects, editing and burning to DVD with menu + extra.
We think to everything ..
~ 4ª Fase: We reduce variable costs and eliminate waste increase customer profitability and free up resources
for the Core Business

Contact us

c/o del Popolo ~ 05100 Terni Italy
Cell. 389 4296205 Tel.

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